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Rio Garage at Eastern Market
jazz brawl

Featuring Mary Flannery on piano/vocals, John Shepherd on drums, and
David Vermette on bass, RIO GARAGE boasts an eclectic array of tunes with
exciting original arrangements.

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The Buzz

Here's what people are saying about RIO GARAGE:

"I had a wonderful time listening to you all. You were absolutely fabulous despite the aggressive temperatures!"
Capitol Hill Photographer

"I enjoyed your performance on Sunday. No question about it—it was hot!"
Local Patron of the Arts

C-Span Man

"I loved the show!! I believe that Rio Garage is a stonger troupe than the last time you performed and it was good then! It was GREAT fun watching people's faces as they walked by and paused to listen. There were a few...who were mezmerized. Such a gift you have and give - we feel honored to have shared it."
Dr. Wendy comments on Rio Garage's performance @ Eastern Market, summer 2010

"Payroll may suffer as I drift off into the musical vibes of Rio Garage! Cool music. I like it. Very intriguing, mystical, vibrant, rhythmic and delicious."
DC Accountant

"I have seen the future of Latin jazz and its name is Rio Garage."
Soothsayer of H Street NE

"Great sound, great mood, relaxing energy. Oh and awesome with a nice glass of red wine."
Young Gentleman at Pap n Petey's

"Super guys must rehearse a lot!"
Young Man from Maryland

"The food was fine and the entertainment priceless!"
Owner of the B&B around the Corner from Zack's Taverna

"Makes me proud to be a Brazilian!!! I would close my eyes, hear you sing and drift away in the melody. I loved it!"
Hugo from Brazil

This band of ragtag brainiacs will take you from the sweat-soaked dreams of a misbegotten youth to the angst-ridden clamity of a broken career. ALL IN ONE SONG! Pulsating, misspelled, heart-wrenching jawdropping riveting keyboards splatter love and passion onto the shadowy cloak of the night.
The Poet of H Street

"Quirky but legitimate. You should be playing in New York."
The Man from Mount Pleasant

"In August 2007, Mary Flannery of Rio Garage performed to rave reviews at the Acton Jazz Café in Boston, (listed as one of Downbeat's 100 great jazz clubs worldwide)."
New England Jazz Connoisseur

"Out of the smoking ashes of a famous causeway comes a sound of hope and redemption, a grasp of a future with a latin bass beat that could freeze a snake."
A Homeless Man on H Street NE

"Awesome hearing you guys...really fun, laid back, and inspiring..."
Chun-Wei, Local Hiphop Entrepreneur

"Only a few times in our short lives do we hear a band that transports us to another dimension, a place where friends abound and the love juice flows. Now they are back, faster, brighter, bolder. with a whole new edgy tone. This is your chance at nirvana."
Swami Chacha

"There comes a time when the music just HITS you right. Suddenly, you're in a rag tag beach bar, the melody flows, washing you in a passionate breeze and ALL IS WELL. Such are the nights when Rio Garage plays."
The Beachcomber

"Cool sound. Felt like I was sipping a caipirinha on the beach at Copacabana while the Boy From Impanema smeared suntan lotion on my back."
Bubba the Bureaucrat

"Absolutely Riveting."
Curl Lee from the Sailing Times

"A show not to be missed!"
Timmy Boy from Riva Md.

"Better than SEX."
The Guy Who Walked Out

"That passion tramp on the piano stole my heart."
Phil from the Greek Place

"I wish they played music like this in the Safeway."
Grandmother of Little Ballerina

"You don't look anything like you sound."
The Lady Who Got Us The Gig